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MembersComplete™ is a fully featured membership system incorporating all of the demographic data that can be associated with managing members combined with a powerful data base engine. Web-site Membership Applications and Dues Payments web pages are easily integrated into the shared data base.

Member Management

  • MembersComplete™ allows you to create extensive profiles of individuals, legislators, and organizations listed in the database.
  • Demographics, communication information, and organization affiliation are standard features.

Grass Roots Lobbying

  • Includes full Legislator and Staff Contact Information; Committees and Peer Groups, PAC Donation Tracking; Key Members; Expenses, Demographics, and other key information.
  • Reporting including Financial Reports, Mailing Labels, Membership and Legislative Lists are also an integral part of the system.

Single Point of Entry

  • Full range of import/export capabilities.
  • Database design provides a single point of entry allowing all member and legislative data to be shared with other applications such as ConferenceComplete™.
  • Century Software Group can also provide easy integration with your website’s member application form, or we can create one for you!

Financial Management

  • Dues Tracking, Automated Renewal Billing, Invoicing & Receivables, Third Party Payments and Expenses are standard features.


  • A full set of reports will be created for easy access and viewing.
  • Includes full sets of financial reports, member and legislative lists, and mailing labels.