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CommunicationsCenter™ is a comprehensive software package designed for associations, non-profit organizations, and any organization that wishes to frequently communicate with its members or clients. It easily integrates with your existing database, and allows you to handle all your e-mail, fax, mail, and export correspondence from one central program.

Easy Integration

  • Use your existing contact lists to send e-mails, faxes, mail, and export correspondence
  • Works well with all standard databases
  • Used in conjunction with ConferenceComplete™ and MembersComplete™

E-Mail/Fax/Mail/Export Capabilities

  • E-mails are sent one at a time so they are not rejected by bulk spam filters
  • Schedule your e-mails/faxes to be sent at different times
  • Ability to personalize messages even when sending mass e-mails/faxes
  • Excellent for designing newsletters, invitations, etc.

Save Money

  • Save thousands of dollars in postage costs by e-mailing and faxing to your contacts
  • Save thousands in printing costs
  • Save on monthly fees charged by web-based e-mail providers

Professional Appearance

  • Create your own layouts for e-mails, newsletters, invitations
  • Templates are included in the program