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Project Portfolio

This is a sample of some of the projects we have created over the years.

Association / Non-Profit


ConferenceCompleteā„¢ is an Association Event Management Software package providing complete management of events including setting up events, sessions and packages, room assignments and conflicts, attendee registration, scheduling conflicts and full billing and receivables. It can integrate with your online registration form.


MembersCompleteā„¢ is a fully featured membership system incorporating all of the demographic data that can be associated with managing members combined with a powerful database engine. Website Membership Applications and Dues Payments web pages are easily integrated.

American Heart Association Heartwalk Program

The American Heart Association asked us to write a program that would track funds raised at their annual (now semi-annual) event. We were only too happy to volunteer our time to write the software and to help out at the event. The Heartwalk program tracks walkers and teams and amount raised by companies, teams and walkers. It also can track prize awards based on amount raised. This program can easily be modified for other walking, running or riding events.

Financial and Services

Checkwise Payroll

Checkwise Payroll is one of Capital District's fastest growing and most reliable payroll service companies. We assisted in developing their software and database to manage their entire payroll process including online services making them one of the most technologically advanced and secure companies in the payroll services industry.

RSC Reservations

We developed a robust application to schedule attendees into educational sessions given throughout the day. Sessions were "locked-out" when the maximum classroom size was reached.

RSC CRM and Billing Program

RSC was so happy with the work we did on the reservations system, they hired us to develop software to run their entire operation. The software managed every aspect of the client relationship and included automated, secure billing, commission calculations for sales reps and a recently added document scanning, storage and retrieval system to manage all client documents and eliminate paper storage.

First Credit Corporation Contract Generator

We developed a complete contract generator including the credit application, contract and over a dozen supporting documents. The program performs all interest and other financial calculations required on the contract. It reduced the time of completion from two hours to fifteen minutes.

In-house Projects

Project Manager

We developed a project management program which tracks the status of our own projects, contains a knowledgebase, contains a bug tracking system and tracks employees' hours and expenses for ease of billing and expense payments.

Service Program

This is another in-house program that tracked technical service calls and integerated with Quickbooks accounting software to manage parts inventory.

Interview Tests

All of our employees are fully qualified to do their jobs thanks to our computerized Interview Test program. Test questions, correct answers and types of responses (fill-in, multiple choice, check all that apply) are easily configurable to create new tests or add to existing ones.


Herkimer County Community College

We developed an authentication system for student login on the college's website.

Hudson Valley Community College

We developed a program that merged information from their student database with form letters to create individualized admission letters. The program saved so much time, HVCC hired us to create a similar program for their financial aid letters.

Albany Law School

We provide Microsoft Sharepoint consulting services.


We created a web-based SAT practice test.

Public Sector

New York State Office of Children and Family Services

We created a program that merged multiple legal documents in various formats into one single document to be presented in court.

Ulster County Database Training

We developed a curriculum and provided SQL Server training to Ulster County IT staff. Two classes were provided - one for database design and one for database administration.

Saratoga County Highway Department TransPro Fleet Management Software

We developed a complete vehicle management system including maintenance scheduling, service tracking, total cost of ownership and departmental billing.

Saratoga County Highway Department Project "Roadkill"

We developed a complete asset (roads and signs) management system.

Health Services

Accounts Receivable Software

We developed an Accounts Receivable package for Medicaid and insurance billing for a home health care company.

The Preferred Group

We provided SQL Server database consulting for an employee health benefits company. We also created an automated billing system which runs as a scheduled service.


General Electric TOCS

We converted GE's Transformer Owning Cost Software to a newer version of Visual Basic and added features, reduced calculation time and eliminated many bugs left in the program from the previous developer.

Collins Engineers

We wrote a specification document for a bridge inspection tracking system going out for bid from the state of California.

Real Estate

Realty USA Transaction Report

We created a program that interfaces with the MLS system to download data and create customized reports showing sales by realty company and by area during a specified time frame.